Our Partners


Our foundation’s success in no small part comes as a result of its partnership with its major sponsors GEICO, Outback Steakhouse, Chick-fil-A and Usborne Books.

These companies, like many of our business partners, have joined with Dave in part to help him achieve his goals and in part to support their employees and their families, many of whom know first-hand the pain and, up to now, hopelessness of dealing with any of the over 100 auto-immune diseases. By joining with the Brave Dave Foundation, our partners and contributors have placed themselves in the forefront of one of the great and winnable medical challenges confronting our nation.

Your company or organization should join Dave in this battle. By doing so, you will significantly add to your outstanding history supporting charitable causes within our community, broaden your exposure to a large but not yet targeted segment of the Washington area, and provide valuable assistance and education to your employees and their families who may be afflicted by an auto-immune disease. More importantly, when a cure is found, you will be numbered among those leaders and researchers who dramatically improved the lives of over 40 million Americans.